The World of Ragnaros

The world of Ragnaros is divided into four main parts or continents of the world.

In the northeast is the land of the fleshman, also known as Belphrat. It is named after the Goddess that is worshiped by the fleshman.

To the south is the archipelgo known as Yalwei. The islands are home to the Aquinians. Also named after the designated Goddess.

To the northwest is the land of Solnasti. It is divided into three lands known as Solnatgul, home of the Natashagul, Solnamalat, home of the Harumasalat, and Solnatali, home of the Vestali. The land itself is named after the Goddess, but will most likely change by the one who takes power.

Then there is the center of the world. It is simply known as Alpha Omega. Land of the Beginning and the End. It is a land that is considered sacred since it is where the start of the War of the Goddess began and ended.

Political World.

The two dominant forces of the World are the Belphrat Aristocracy, and the Yalwen Republic. Only the southern and northeastern part of the world are considered to be the holders of power. The Northwestern part is not considered apart of this because they cannot unify.

The Belphrat Aristocracy
Ruled by the Queen, Helna the Grand is the current ruler. She is pushing Belphrat and fleshman nationalism, telling her people it is their divine right to rule the land and be above the rest of the world. Weapons and armies are building fast in the Belphrat, and racism amongst the fleshman toward other races in this region seems to be on the rise.

Yalwen Republic
The Yalwen Republic is ruled by a council of elders, mostly Aquinian, who decide what is best for their people. Currently they believe they must take control in order to stop this racism being caused by the Belphrat’s and to take control of matters in the northwest so that their is finally stability amongst the people of that area. Though they also wish to see their objective complete of Yaltnie becoming the supreme and head goddess of the land. Belief in Yaltnie is required in the Yalwen Republic.

The Northwest
The Northwest is currently divided into three factions fighting for control. Solnatgul which is settled in the desert, Solnamalat which is settled in the mountainous region, and Solnatali which is settled in the forest area. Each believe they are destined to rule this part of the land and none can come to an agreement on sharing the power or who should be the one in power after ending the feud. Solnatgul leader is Hothgarmand. Solnamalt leader is Asoaka. Vestali leader is Magdalai.

The World of Ragnaros

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