The Goddesses of Ragnaros

In the world of Ragnaros, there are three goddesses that people choose to worship

Belnie, the Goddess who resides over the Fleshman race.
In the Belphrat Monarchy, Belnie is seen as the Goddess who hates all other races but the Fleshman. It is highly believed that Belnie has given power to the Fleshman to rule over all other races. Belnie is seen as spiteful towards other races and most Fleshman of the Belphrat firmly believe this. It is not required to worship Belnie in the Belphrat Monarchy.

Yaltnie, The Goddess who resides over the Aquinian race.
In the Yalwen Republic the citizens are required by law to follow the goddess Yaltnie. Yaltnie is seen as a Divine Mother who cares for all the races. She is also believed to descend down to Earth one day to save all the people from the Strife and Chaos of the world.

And Solnie, the Goddess who resides over the Harumasalat, the Natashagul, and the Vestali.
Solnie is seen by all three of the races as the supreme Goddess, but each have they’re own view of her. The Vestali see Solnie as a Goddess of nature, favoring the creatures and plants of the land. The Harumasalat believe Solnie favors the flame of a warrior ans is seen as a Goddess of War, favoring the Harumasalat. For the Natashagul, Solnie is a Goddess who favors the evolution of the races in the use of Technology and the using of the resources, believing technology is a blessing of Solnie to use for the harvest of all resources to evolve further.

Each race believes that their Goddess is the true Goddess who created the world and as well as the other Goddesses, but none have come to agreeance on this issue. For the goddess Solnie the three races she resides over fight for her she truly resides over in heated war. For the Fleshman and the Aquinian, they believe that their goddess is the one who is the true head of the three goddess as well, but have shown no signs of aggression in the current years yet.

In the past wars have erupted over this issue of who is the real head of the goddesses, until a stalemate was drawn and the three decided the center of the world would be a no fighting zone and three statues of the three goddesses would be placed there to remind the nations that there will be no fighting here.

The Goddesses of Ragnaros

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