Their are six major races of Ragnaros. They have no effect on stats since the races are considered equal to each other in this world.

Fleshmen: The human beings of this world. They are considered the majority of this world and are fairly spread throughout the land, but do have a place for their own. They feel they are superior to the other races and try to impose themselves on the other races with their goddess.

Natashagul: A large reptillian race who like to keep to themselves and even have their own race. They are considered rivals to the Harumasalat. Of the three factions warring for the claim of their goddess, they are the least violent and most honorable. They live in the mountainous region in the northwest, taking advantage of the steep falls and the rocky terrain.

Harumasalat: Apemen or monkeymen of the world who are a tribal race. The one thing that unifies the Harumasalat is the fighting against the Natashagul and desire to unify their land. They can be considered brash and stubborn. They live in the desert area of the northwest, taking advantage of the heat.

Aquinian: A race of water people who live in their own islands, but share their lands with all of the races. They can swim and breath in water, though see themselves as equals to the other races,except for the fact of them believing their goddess is the head of the goddesses. They are usually tall and lanky.

Vestali: A race of mammalian creatures who near the Harumasalat tribes and Natashagul, though consider them both as their enemy. They are usually cat like but some have been known to have features of other mammals. Some would call the vestali plotful and sneaky. They live in the forest region of the northwest and use their natural wild life to their advantage.

Selaphinus: A winged race who are red in color and have a singel horn growing out of their head. They are truly spread throughout the land and have no central place to call their own. They have no quarrels with the other races and side with where they usually live. Some consider the Selaphinus pacifists.


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