Possible Starter Towns

The Towns I will list below are just possible starter towns you may choose to start your characters from. I am only making these as suggestions, you do not have to choose any of these for your character if you do not wish to.

A town in Belphrat near the southern forest. It is a small fishing port where people live pretty peacefully. Most people don’t really care whether a person is born with magic or not, in fact some like it for the healing magic in case of the occasional emergency.

Belphratdon is the Capital of the Belphrat. It is the town of the rich and well educated. Also the home of the monarchy. It is honestly a beautiful city but you will find no othe race than Fleshmen here. Those who use magic are forced into the part of the royal army settled in the city and are heavily trained.

This is a fortress city that has a mixture of mostly Fleshmen, Aquinoc’s and Selaphinus, where the other 3 races are the minority. The peace is well kept and the armies of the Yalwen Republic make the people feel safe in the city, not forcing their own will onto them, but act as protectors of the people. Those who have magical abilities or great strength are asked to join the army, but can refuse so if they wish.

The smaller city of the Natashagul in Solnatgul. It is a city that is technologically advanced where people focus on mainly making weaponry and machines to help with everyday life. It is the technology capital of the world. Magic users aren’t hated or preferred and neither are those who are physically adept. As long as they are useful for fighting and inventing, they are accepted.

Talmin is the city of the Vestali where those in Solnatali go to train their magic. It is deep in the forest away from the battlefield so that those in training can develop their skills in peace. Not all magic users here tend to focus on battle magic. The city is mostly made of Vestali and Selaphinus.

The city of the Harumasalat settled by the mountains. The focus here the training of the body, thus why many consider this place as the martial arts capital of the world. Magic users are not preferred by the Harumasalat in general, so not many will be found here in the mountain city. This city is made of Harumasalat and Selaphinus.

Possible Starter Towns

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