Battle System

The battle system starts with the formation chosen by the party at the beginning of their turn. The party can choose their own formation at the beginning of each turn if they so choose. For more information on formations look at the class system wiki.

Players have a set of actions they can use each turn. At the beginning of the game they only receive 3 actions per turn. You roll either a d3 or a d6 and divide by two to see how many of those 3 actions you can use. Each attack or spell cost a certain amount of Action points. Actions increase when the party reaches certain levels.
Total actions=3
Attacks= 1 action point.
So you can perform upwards of 3 attacks.

Aggressor and Liquidator
These classes have their own statistics that are not percentages. In order for you to attack or use magic, you must role a d20 to see what percent of your magic and strength you use per attack and spell. Certain spells and attacks will use more action points and might need to be calculated during play.

Bulwark and Attenuate
The way to see if these are decided is through the rolling of the d10 0-9 at first. For the Bulwark it is to see what percent your stats will be raised with the casting of the spells. It will then add the other dice for higher percentage chances as the character levels up.
For the Attenuate, it is to see if you debuff the enemy in a 1 out of 10 chance. The chances can be increased with accessories and level gain eventually. If succesful, the player would then role again for the percentage enemy is debuffed.

The alleviator class works just as the Liquidator class, only with healing allies. Roll a d20 to see the percentage you use of your magic points for healing allies.

The safeguard class is based solely on defense percentage. It’s purpose is to draw in enemy attacks using it’s provoke skill and using certain types of guards. The Safeguard also raises the parties overall defense. They will use the skill taunt to get as many successful attacks as possible directed to themselves. The player rolls a d10 to see if they provoke succesfully and if so with certain guards, they can hit enemy attacks right back to the enemy.

Other notes.
D12 is used solely for dexterity. In the beginning of the game players have a 1 in 12 chance of dodging attacks.
D8 is used solely for status resistance to debuffing spells. Players start with a 1 in 8 chance for resisting all status debuffs.
These can be increased only with accessories.

Battle System

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